I have had spine pain for a month consecutively especially in the center of my spine. It is consistent never goes away. It has never appeared with my fibromyalgia before now. It is so horrible at this moment like a 9 out of 10. I have trouble sleeping or moving about. Anybody else dealing with this.? Is this normal or should I get further evaluation.? I don't know how much longer I could handle this.

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Fibromyalgia (FM)

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Acute Pain in Thoracic Spine


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  • wise


    is it your entire spine? does the pain radiate anywhere else? if the pain is in a specific spot, it's probably a herniated disc

  • Mel9515


    yes it is generally pulsating from my spine. I have my normal back pain from my fibro but my spine is what Is really bothering me

  • cardeg


    You need to get it checked out. I used to just try to ignore new pains, but eventually got them checked was a torn rotator cuff..another was I sprained my ankle only to find 6 months later, I tore a ligament and needed surgery...tried to ignore hip pain...needed a new hip...don't ignore new pains and get second opinions.

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