I think I'm in a manic episode. Everything is moving so fast in my brain, I took a bunch of melatonin and still didn't sleep lastnight. But at the same time I feel so, energetic? Like I want to just go and do everything. Anything that I can get my hands on.
I'm not sure how to cope with this, as I just got the diagnosis and know what this feeling is now. And I haven't had much therapy to discuss what it's like for me and make a plan to help.
I'm just kinda scared right now about what I might do if I just act.

Bipolar 2 disorder


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  • mimikuku


    Dang I felt this. Getting a new diagnosis is a like a double edged sword - there is liberation from receiving a label, but now you deal with not knowing how to move forward with the label. I have to do breathing exercises daily as preventative care for my random bouts of hypomania and anxiety. Looking forward to therapy too eventually. Best of luck to you! We're all in this together

  • Ninjalover204


    This may sound weird but sometime ASMR videos (not the bad ones) can help. Sometimes music too. For me it is helpful to have some type of story like an audio book or something going while I try to fall asleep. Or writing in my journal, reading. I know the feeling of just wanting to get up and go and sleep at the same time though. It mostly went away since I went on meds. Now when I have it it is much more mild.

  • magnusbane103417


    I find that listening to a you tube video with some calming (to you) sounds really help, find like a vibe to go with and just breath. Ones with like animals or forests or something really keep my focus...

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