Are any of you in the process of getting diagnosed with seizures? What are your symptoms?
Thank you!

Brain Fog


acute lethargy


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  • juliecarlstan


    Ya, I've had 2 severe grand Mal seizures as an adult. Have been on medication to control them for years. Even before these 2 incidents my anxiety medication was designed to also be anti-seizure. I think the doctors can kinda know stuff about us by our reported symptoms. SO, now before an episode I have numbness in limbs, heaviness, I will have involuntary muscle movements, locking of some muscles, asthma attacks, a partial dis associated head, I will crave sensory deprivation, all brought on by heightened anxiety. Not all symptoms every time. Regular meds slow the process enough to take another small dose of my mess, this helps, and was recommended by my prescribing Dr. Please don't try this without medical advice.

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