Hi guys - not reallt sure how this works, its my first time posting …but here we go..
Anyone here on levothyroxine and adhd medication?

I ve been feeling like i have no dicipline - and no will power to do the things that i have to… zero energy and just laziness- then I feel horrible for feeing this way! Algo i cant focuse on anything, even normal house duties

I’ve taken addrall in the past and i felt great
Anyone taking it jow with your hashimoto problem??



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  • Macken


    Hi! I was on Concerta while I was on Synthroid and I felt absolutely TERRIBLE! Same symptoms as you. I now am on Armour Thyroid and I’m a lot better. Hashimotos can cause a lot of Brain fog !

    • Marc1


      Armout Thyroid? i ll search that! i was on vyvanse for a while and did wonders I felt amazing- but its $350 a month supply and I really dont want to go back to addrall 🥺 deff talking to my doctor for the one u mentioned thank you so much

      • Macken


        it’s not a widely known medication because it’s very hard to produce! It’s actually made from desiccated pig thyroid which sounds super weird. I go to a holistic doctor and they provide it but mainstream doctors (western) don’t usually prescribe it just because it is a difficult medication to produce.

      • Macken


        it really is so expensive !! I was on vyvanse and I didn’t like it cuz I said it would “ dull my sparkle”😂

      • Deb2018


        I had been on levothyroxine and wasn’t having any problem. But a friend suggested using Armour and that has been the best drug for me I feel 100% better.

  • Bloaty_22


    ✋yes Iam on same medication I feel same way!

  • 22tulips


    I just started armour thyroid a couple of months ago. I feel better than when I was on synthroid. I found out about it in my research. I had to ask my Dr to change me over from synthroid to the armour. She was surprised I knew about it and was a bit hesitant to proscribe it, but I know myself better than anyone so I advocate for myself all the time. I hope it helps

  • Alexthecat


    Hi! I am on synthroid and wellbutrin to manage my adhd since stimulants just don’t like me. If you want to try a non-stimulant there is also strattera (atomoxetine). It is the only nonstimulant adhd medication. Wellburtrin and some others are used as an off label thing.

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