How do you deal when you feel like giving up? I’m tired and overwhelmed and I want it to be over. Not in a death way. I just don’t have the energy to keep up. How do you pull yourself out before you start spiralling too far?


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  • Boo_Boo


    I feel the exact same way right now

  • Fake


    I think one of the first most important things is to relax and spend time on things you enjoy, or at least used to enjoy. Let yourself rest and watch a movie or something like that. You’ve earned it for having the strength to keep going this long.

  • elvie


    usually if i’m overwhelmed in a way where i can’t find the motivation to do anything, i try and do just one thing different from what the endless cycle of hopeless/overwhelming thoughts is telling me to do. some easy ones i like are getting in the shower, sometimes just washing your face or changing your temperature can signal your brain to start going somewhere else thought-wise. hope this is helpful.

  • Roze


    I usually just feel drained like everything just shuts down on itself, like I’m not inside my body anymore. It’s hard to pull myself out of it, but I’ve been trying to work on it.

  • Grnhzlbrwn


    I agree with a lot of these comments. I take a self care day. Showering helps or getting outdoors. Blasting positive music or my favorite tunes.. Sometimes I have to force myself and it’s a battle with myself but I always feel a little better .

  • MiaLitizia


    Spending time in nature has helped me regain a sense of hope and has been very healing for me! Put your phone away and give the earth your undivided attention. It helps a lot, I promise. Stay safe and stay strong 💪💗

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