I am definitely gay but I have a girlfriend. She isn’t hot and now she is mad at me because I am not giving her enough attention and she is toxic anyway but I’m just too scared to dump her because I have no one to date.

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  • MrsKoolWhip


    Please leave her, you obviously are not happy with the relationship. It is much better to be alone than in a toxic relationship where neither person is happy.

  • l0gf


    You'll be so much happier and feel free leaving the relationship, trust me. Nothing wrong with being single, just take some time to figure yourself out and you'll find your way.

  • Creator


    Please split up, this is just a bad situation to be in for both sides.

  • Axe_Man


    Leave. Right now. For both you and her, it's clear that you're toxic too.

  • RosiePosie21


    Remember this affects her as much as it affects you. Being in a relationship just because you have no one to date really isn’t a good reason because wouldn’t you be happier finally getting to know someone you’re actually into? I also think being in a relationship with someone you don’t even like is more lonely than actually being single.

  • Deathkitty18


    I think she will understand if she is a good person if not then she's not worth it anyways. Make sure when you do it to be in a place where you can get away from the situation and have people near by who are on your side

  • MissWilwarin


    You’ll never have anyone to date if you don’t end things with her.

  • Gwen71


    ,You need to let her go because it would be selfish just to keep her as your girlfriend just to say you have a girlfriend.

  • Tess123


    "Masks" by Shel Silverstein She had blue skin, And so did he. He kept it hid And so did she. They searched for blue Their whole life through. Then passed right by– And never knew.

    • SongbirdQueen01


      I love this poem

  • Moonlighter


    Please leave her. I know the feeling but youre better single than in a toxic relationship

  • LexiRabbit


    This is so, so toxic on YOUR part. Have some responsibility for your actions. This poor girl is being lead on by you. Of course she’s going to be acting out! You’re being cruel!

  • Shan.Shan


    You don’t need to be in a relationship with someone who is toxic. Being single is much better anyway.

  • MichealB


    There's no reason to be scared to not be dating anyone. Especially when your not happy in your current relationship.

  • makaylah.reeeee


    You gotta do what you gotta do dump her and find someone it might take some time but don't stay in a bad relationship because the person you should only be in a relationship with for yourself is the best thing to do is dip

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