I keep thinking about my ex, and I feel depressed about not forgetting them. I feel like that I'm being an idiot for no forgetting about them like others would.

how can I forget about them but in a easy way?


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  • sammiesam


    Well I did things I loved to do so try do things you love

  • Angelia


    It’s not that easy on forgetting someone that you once loved but I got over mine by focusing on myself more and eating some snacks or even hanging out with friends because as my mom always said...Don’t try to impress anyone and the only person that will know you best is yourself and don’t let anyone change who you are just because of their behavior but I suggest a lot of movies and snacks which helps me a lot💙💙💙

  • Ninadee73


    There’s always going to be certain things that stick with you. When you spend a lot of time with someone, you form memories and those stay with you regardless of how long it’s been after the breakup. It’s not about forgetting, rather trying to remember them as a happy time that’s past where you are now in life. When you think about your ex and any good time you had together, just remember why it didn’t work out and there’s a reason you aren’t together.

  • Oggie


    I don’t think you can forget them. You just need to learn to remember them in a helpful and healthy way to you if that makes sense? It’s natural for people who were once important to leave lasting impressions you just need to wield those feelings to help you. 💕

  • Fairy_Frog


    Time. I know it’s hard to hear someone say that cause it’s not an immediate he’ll but it’s the only thing that really helped me after a hard break up. Time and being able to develop a peaceful relationship with my ex. There’s no shame in thinking about them and living in those feelings for awhile

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