Does anyone take folate for your MTHFR issues? Does it seem to make any difference?

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  • Jea


    i took natural folate for my mthfr mutation, and while i did find it helping at first you have to be very careful while methylating because the side effects include severe depression, panic, etc. you should be completely fine if u start slowly though! i started taking like a five year olds dose twice a week and slowly worked my way up and i was fine! do some research on it to see what might be best for you!

  • Jea


    i will say also from what i’ve heard, methylfolate is essential for this mutation. the lack of b vitamins causes a downward spiral of health issues, and also try not to consume cyanocobalamin which is like a manufactured form of vitamin b bc it does nothing for us at all!

  • Heather123


    Thank you for the advice! I also already have clinical anxiety/depression, so the idea of it causing it to worsen makes me very nervous. I’m a teacher, and our job is very stressful right now for those with good mental health. 😬

  • Jea


    i suggest trying to slowly, it should really help in the long run !

  • ehen


    i take it in small doses every other day rather than every day because for me it can cause some pretty severe nausea, i’ve noticed some improvements in mood and generally how i feel in my body, after a few month of taking them i talked with my doctor about lessening my antidepressant dosage and now i no longer need them and the only real change in that timeframe was starting to take folate. it can have a different impact on everyone, i would suggest trying a little bit and stopping if you aren’t getting the desired result:)

  • ep23


    Hii please don’t take folate - take methyl folate! It is the broken down version!

  • Joyess


    Just be aware that not everyone tolerates methyl folate or methyl B12. You can check out dr. Ben Lynch on YouTube he also has a supplement company called seeking health he himself has this mutation he has a book called Dirty. Genes. From what I have read if you have COMT variant then you will not tolerate the methyl forms. I tried them both and they created terrible anxiety for me jitteriness and insomnia that was so awful but everyone is different I would say if you're going to try them I would start at the lozenges because then you can lick them and not have to take the full pill. I have read you can take Niacin If you experience bad symptoms that will help with that

  • MargotAmelie


    DEPLIN 15 πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ It has changed my entire life. I've been on it for nearly 4yrs now. I'm healthier, happier, and by golly I'm freaking FUNCTIONAL as an adult human now! All thanks to Deplin 15!!! (It's a "medical food" technically, so not covered by insurance, so I order a 3 month supply directly from manufacturer and grab samples whenever I can, all to save as much $$$ as possible.

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