Long story short: I was able to leave my toxic job, and of course that isn't going to fix all my mental health issues, but I'm still utterly joyful I'm out of there. But my mom said to me "Why are you still sad? I thought you'd be happy after leaving your job." and I basically responded saying of course I am happy but-, and she cut me off with
"Then ACT happy."
I went silent because she doesn't know how hard I'm trying to feel happiness again, and when I tell her it's not something to be fixed overnight, she basically lists off reasons why I shouldn't be depressed and etc.
I usually ask questions on here regarding conversations like this, but I'm not sure what to ask regarding this. But if anyone can relate, let me know. It hurts so bad right now and I wish the weight on my back didn't get heavier every single day, but no matter what I do or how hard I try, it never goes away or always comes back when I feel any ounce of happiness for a short amount of time.


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  • dragonknight


    I understand what you going through, I'm on outcast of my family but I get by with my one good friend who is going to adopt me soon and then we are going to start over in south Carolina.

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