so I have costochondritis related to post-covid syndrome. not exactly Tietze but this is where alike has put me, haha
does anyone else's chest pain get worse in the cold? it's been below 0 F in my area and even though I'm limiting my time outside my chest pain is worse than it's been in months. trying to use my topical NSAID more has helped but any other ideas?

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  • Aspie3


    Yes. It’s helped continuing to stretch and do my physical therapy exercises. It helps to move it, kind of like a stiff joint.

  • Jonjon


    My pain also gets worse in the cold, I live in New York City so ”the cold” is everywhere now. I suffered from constochondritis as well. I know that gentle stretching exercises for the chest muscles may be helpful

  • FindingVega


    The Backpod! Also, r/costochondritis is a great community on reddit.

  • Aris


    Any change in temp, and my ribs will react to it. So if it’s really hot out, they feel pretty good, but when it’s really cold, they ache and it hurts to breathe. I can’t take NSAIDS because of another condition, so I use lidocaine patches, heat creams, and an electric blanket at home.

  • minime273


    Mine does!

  • Idontknownameme


    Mine is worse in the heat. Lol.

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