I came home from dropping my kids off at school. as I got out of the car my right hip dislocated and I could not get up my stairs to my apt. I have always been scared of being trapped upstairs I never even thought about being trapped out. my husband works 2 jobs and I have no friends or family around. I feel pathetic and lonely today. 🙁

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Delirium


    Man, that really sucks.

  • justkittenya


    Oh no. Were you able to get help? I’m so anxious to move out of our townhome for similar reasons. It’s easy to feel isolated and lonely. Finding others on here is a good start.

    • MammaKraken


      I was able to make it uo stairs slowly on my own. I don't know anybody in out area so I just took it short slow. It was just a very overwhelming feeling of crap this is my life

  • Fiddle


    I am so sorry. I am scared for this too. What helps me is having a you tube app on my phone and have a playlist of ways I can pop things back in. It helps a lot

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