Have u humans (trying not to gender anyone) ever had an ADHD med stop working over time bc ur body got used to it so ur doctor starts to run out of options for meds?? This has happened alot with ADHD meds for me so I've ended up on a med I was on when first diagnosed.

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  • Femboyxfae


    I started adhd meds in elementary school and as I got to highschool my dose was steadily raised bc I developed a tolerance over time I no longer take them anymore though

  • LoveMyu


    I’m the same way. Yes, this is normal as your body can get used to things quickly or very slowly. It just depends on your body. My doctor had ran out of new medications to give me so he would give me old ones Ive taken before.

  • Gabby_D


    I’ve been on the same medication since I was originally diagnosed, my doctor just periodically ups my dose. For example when I was first diagnosed at 7 I started at 5mg adderall xr. I’m now a month away from being 21 and I’m at 20mg

  • Nerdzilla


    Okay, so my doctor has me on dexadrine and I haven't changed since diagnosis a year ago. She told me to take a med holiday where I don't take Dexedrine for a couple days a week

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