Does anyone else have severe balance issues? My neurologist and I are stuck, because it’s not just during an attack. I also have fibro so I’m not sure if that could play in?

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  • Kaitybug


    I've never been to a Neurologist, but I have been struggling with vertigo issues pretty much my whole life and have never figured out why. 🤔

  • Soskae


    I have poor balance but my neurologist couldn’t tell me if it was migraines, other neurological conditions or because of my spinal injuries. If you learn anything I’d love to know so that maybe I can get answers too because I’m also stumped.

  • Y0g1


    Vestibular system issue! Basic PT exercises should help- I can send you some that my PT from a concussion clinic had me do to improve balance

  • aspen1007


    i get migraines, have fibro, and have had vertigo for a long time. i had surgery last year on my ear and my vertigo has gotten worse. i went to a vestibular physical therapist and they gave me exercises to do.

  • lyashnx


    My neurologist and I were stumped for a while with mine, as well. If you haven't already, have you checked for an ear infection? Turns out I had a really messy one (and apparently they can affect balance??) that I just never noticed because the chronic pain everywhere else overshadowed it.

  • Spoonie_In_Seattle


    I was told by my neurologists at two headache centers I visited that vertigo is one of the symptoms of a migraine. In fact some people (mu uncle included) can have a vertigo migraine without the pain. I almost always get vertigo with my bad migraine attacks.

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