Does anyone else get physically exhausted after an anxiety attack/ panic attack, like after I’m over it, I get so tired that I sleep after my anxiety attack/ panic attack?

Any tips how to combat that especially since I’m moving to college within a couple of days

Also (just getting all of my questions in one post) does anyone in this app does the ROTC program cause my roommate is a part of it and I’m not necessarily scared but I’m scared cause I wanna respect her as much as possible.

Any tips for someone who isn’t a part of the rotc living someone who is a part of rotc?


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  • futurepast


    oh yes that’s absolutely common. when you have a panic attack your body literally goes into survival mode, increasing your heart rate and affecting your motor functions so that you can run from any perceived threat. so when you come down from that your body has used lots of energy and needs to recoup. I recommend downloading the headspace app and doing a quick 5-10 minute anxiety meditation. and then maybe eat some food to replenish your energy. just dont get hooked on coffee or caffeine because that will make your anxiety worse and the crash will be totally unworth any high

  • Schpamp


    I always get exaughsted after a panic attack. It's because once all the adrenaline disperses the over stress and exaughstion kicks in and you just kinda collapse and fall asleep. I mean I've never collapsed but I always pass out.

  • NiiTA


    I can't sleep. My body aches all over. But I do get really tired though

    • NiiTA


      Same. It scares me and Idk what to do 🥺

  • writaholic


    DEFINITELY!!! Your mind is literally attacking you, the mind functions everything else in your body, and during an attack its like running a marathon all on its own. I was prescribed xanax, and when I feel myself begin to spiral, I let everyone around me know that I need space and some time to calm down by myself. Meditation apps have helped me, I really enjoy the Calm app, I feel it's worth the subscription price. But there are other free ones out there. ❤️ just find a space for you, block the world out and breathe.

  • wenddawg


    This definitely happens to me! Having that kind of anxiety can take a toll on your energy levels

  • galaxysedqe


    yes. it drains my energy and i'm just exhausted until i sleep

  • MaeLee


    I definitely feel the same after a panic attack, I feel so exhausted after having one, I feel like I can't do anything afterwards. I would suggest after the attack is over and you begin to calm, try and do focused breathing to steady your heart rate and level your brain. Also try to find something that you know calms you and do that activity as soon as your are grounded. I hope this helps!

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