I feel like I have absolutely no good qualities. all my friends have something special abt them and I'm just there. I don't have a good style. I'm not talented. I bareley talk. I just feel like I'm in the background all the time. also dosent help that nobody talks to me either to be friends or romantically and idk I just feel so dumb

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  • carter._.16


    I'm always here of you need a friend. I'm in a similar situation. I'm only good at, like, one thing. And I just feel in the background of everyone's lives. And then when I talk, I just feel like I'm annoying. So I get what you're going through. And even if you don't reach out to me to talk, I hope you start feeling more confident about yourself. And then you find something good about yourself <33

  • mooooonstone


    i feel kinda the same. im only rly good at drawing, i always seem to just mess everything else up. and no one ever talks to me outside of school. sometimes i feel like it's my fault cause i don't talk a lot so maybe they assume i don't want them to talk to me, but i just get so lonely. if u ever need to talk or vent to someone i'm always here to listen :)

  • Donut


    Ugh, I feel this in more core. You’ve described so much of my life, I had a visceral reaction reading what you wrote. While I don’t know if the feeling ever fully goes away (even suuuuper successful, popular, charismatic can feel this way), I just want you to know that a lot of the time there feeling stem from us playing tricks on ourselves. I was once in a time in my life where I felt so unimportant that I figured it’d make no difference if I wasn’t alive. Not long after, some people around me (unprompted) shared how they saw me and it was truly the most heartwarming, validating experience. I suddenly felt solid. I guess this is all a long way of saying that everyone around you thinks so, so much more highly of you than you could ever imagine. I’ve been told it can sometimes be helpful to ask your trusted friends and/or to describe you. Even though it feels really weird and uncomfortable, you’d be surprised how much value everyone sees in you.

    • ZeepZoop


      I second this, tell your friends how you see them and ask them how they see you, it will open your eyes! :-)

  • Hgwoman


    You are valid. Feeling and all. It can be really hard to find something you are good at when the world feels like it's against you. I get it. Try to find one think you like not good at or think you could be good at it but just like. It could be anything... from there research it. Try it. Have no expectations that you will succeed. If you find that you love it and are good at keep practicing. Of you get frustrated with it try again it takes 100000 hours to master something so it might take a while to just be beginner at it. Also don't be afraid of who you are if you are hiding because you don't think people will like or don't know you. Sometimes you have to initiate the conversation. If you are comfortable on the background maybe use it as your safe space. On the days where you are down or off just sit back. And if you can't do anything of what I just said. Just be. The only person's opinion on your life that truly matters is yours. Take care of yourself, meds, food, sleep, favorite hobbies. Shoot I bet that you could find a discord for almost everything. Dm me if you want to talk but you got this. I value you, you are important, you are beloved and worth more that your weight in gold. Life sucks but hang in there. 💕

  • pkolios3494


    I don't want to make anything about myself, but I've had similar feelings, and I just want to be supportive because it's hard. Your feelings are valid. You are entitled to feel how you feel; however, you're not alone in that, and when you say you're not talented, as others have said, it actually takes some time to find out what you're good at doing, or what you are passionate about, if you will. I'm struggling with the same issue myself, but everyone has a place in this world, and I don't want for anyone to put themselves down for it or feel that they are not good enough. I'm not saying I have all the answers, but if you ever need someone to speak to, you could always send me a message as well, and I'd be glad to talk. 💕

  • Meebs.Beebs


    yeah, i feel really similarly a lot of the time. even when my friends tell me things they like about me or qualities they value, i really struggle to internalize it. losing a few close friends recently has reignited it, but I've been trying to find time to appreciate myself and the talents that i can recognize. I promise you're not as uninteresting as you feel, it's just the depression talking ❤️

  • tiny_one7


    Hi friend, I completely get where you're coming from. I've been in your shoes since high school. It's hard and it hurts, but I promise that you're going to find the best friends that you could ever ask for. It'll be natural and fun and you'll trust them because they actually do talk to you and want to. I promise that there's something special about you, I mean you're the only you around. The depression is lying to you, and I know it's hard to ignore it, but I believe in you. 💜

  • Tyler26


    I’ve been in the same position but I promise you that’s just your brain being a bully. If you ask your friends I’m sure they could name a hundred things that make you special. It’s really hard not to but try not to compare yourself to others. We all have our own unique traits that make us special. Gratitude journaling definitely helped me with this

  • differentnotless


    I understand, and not to minimize the issue, but I believe everyone has some good qualities even if you do not see them or understand what they are at the moment. I know it is hard to not compare yourself to the next person, but that is the problem. Every one is different so it may be easier to see the strengths in other people and think they are better when they are not. Even if it seems other people have it all together and seem to know what they are doing, there are always other people out there who also understand what you are going through.

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