When feeling sensory overload, what are things that work to ground yourself?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Blaine


    I like to lay in my bed in the dark with white noise. I put a blanket wrapped around me and hug my stuffed animals. It’s good sensory stuff that makes me feel calmer

  • magicalsunflower


    Removing the thing that is overwhelming me the most. Crawl under my weighted blanket if I can. Pet my spouse’s bratty service dog who has decided to task for me sometimes 😂 or let her do dpt. Something noise cancelling if possible. Sunglasses

  • clownmotel


    breathing slowly, turning off lights and unnecessary sounds, taking off tight or uncomfortable clothing and replacing it with well textured baggy clothing, fidgeting with my hands, moving to a less crowded or less chaotic room if i'm somewhere that requires it, eating a hard candy like jolly ranchers with a good flavor that i can focus on, petting my dog or cats when they're sleeping. those things and more can really help me calm down and ground myself before i get worked up or overstimulated!

  • stormithegay


    I usually pace, use fidget toys, earbuds, my sensory blanket and favorite stuffy and stim.

  • Crow


    When things get too loud i try to put my headphones on :0! Or do something isolating if that helps like going outside in my car or closing my room door. Sometimes overstimming the overstimulation is all i can do, like playing a video i like and hoping it distracts me if that makes sense!

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