Just wanna put this out there. guys.... when it comes to sex and STDs most likely you will not show any symptoms when you are infected.

Everyone needs to get tested after every partner with or without sumptoms..symptoms... because you guys don't show symptoms much of the time.

And if you are with a person that says they did not have sex in months and are clean don't go @ them crooked when they tell you that you have them some crap.

I haven't had anything since I was 18 and have always got checked @ a free clinic or doctors office every single time so I didn't unknowingly pass anything.

Not acted like a how of a guy not getting tested cause I don't have symptoms spreading STDs like it's nothing.

I don't deserve to get attacked for having 1 fun night with someone when I did nothing wrong. show note he was shit and it was totally not even worth it.

I had to drive him to and from now I have to go to the pharmacy and get back to the doctors for the medication. I am much to old for these childish problems. that's what I get for trusting 1 person after f*** months.

People take care of yall selfs and quit spreading diseases like they are nothing.

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