Hello! My name is Isabella, nice to meet you. I was recently diagnosed with Anxiety and OCD (A strand of anxiety) and jv been struggling with an eating dissorder for a while. I'm looking for a friend who understands mainly, and someone to relate with. I like dogs, I own a cat. i'm currently in med school and I have a terrible memory so I'm so sorry if I mess something up.
Reminder: I love you, your doing amazing ❤️

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • FaithKay


    Isabella I like you🤗. You seem to have a gentle sweet spirit. I have a cat to female. A rescue from 5 yrs ago. It's just us two in my house.I so have had a terrible memory. I recently went off a bunch of meds so I'm slowly getting my brain . It's been hard. I felt like I was dying so I made major life style changes. Got rid of all the junk food in my house and started to buy things for meals that would satisfy me. Like meat eggs,vegies and fruit. I cut out dairy milk and cream. Amazing how much more clearervmy brain is. I eat mushrooms and things that help restore my brain. 1rst thing I did was let sugar go. Funny thing that 1 change turns into 2 then 7. Before I knew it it snowballed. I set .yself up for success. That's the way to go is plan for a good healthy future for yourself. You can do this... I planned,wrote it down. Got rid of junk,bought healthy foods. I've learned to like things I didn't before. Lost weight and feel so much better. Hope this helps you.💕

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