I had a seizure and fell yesterday which led to a concussion. tomorrow is the local pride festival in my area and I really want to go but I'm nervous to bc I'm still feeling a little wobbly. and honestly I'm anxious bc my partner&I are flat broke right now too and I feel sad we can't necessarily buy anything while we're there. I know that seems silly but idk. I've been In a really weird emotional state since that seizure. anxiety about everything.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • shimba


    Awww I always want to go to the pride fest but I'm broke too

  • Y0g1


    Oh no! I’m so sorry… honestly I hate to say it but if you aren’t feeling 100% it’s probably better to not go to the pride fest - not only will there be a ton of things that could trip you up or make you lose balance, but the over stimulation of many of your senses wouldn’t be good for your head in healing :/… I’m sorry to say that as I can imagine that you have been looking forward to the pride fest in your area

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