does anyone have nightmares after being on abilify for a month or two? i’ve had nightmares the past few nights and i have a feeling it could be my meds. i’m also on zoloft



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  • DebbieDowner


    I started taking Abilify and I have been having nightmares/wild dreams every night since I started taking it 😥

  • DebbieDowner


    If it starts to become an issue for you, I know that my med provider prescribed me a couple different medications that were supposed to help curb that symptom

  • lindalol


    i was on the same combination of meds and i had nightmares/vivid dreams for a while

  • TheDreamingKind


    i have nightmares too on abilify but i had them before, so i wasn't really thinking the abilify was the cause. though, most nights i have vivid dreams. i suppose it could be the medication

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