tried having a productive day today to get homework and household cleaning done bc i dont usually have the energy after work and i had the day off 2day. but ended up with a panic attack as soon as I opened my computer and had to take klonopin. i only took half my dose so i wouldnt totally daze off like i usually do. its not working my hearts racing i cant sit still and its hard to breathe. cant focus with anxiety. but cant focus stoned off my full dose of anxiety meds either so its a lose lose today :/.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Becfox


    Try to ground by using focus points, find a calming scent, calming fabric or item to rub, watch some calming videos with calming noises or even a comfort show, slow breathing try some meditations. And I would try to relax today and if one thing gets done then that’s okay too. Lets not focus on everything just relax 🖤

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