I was diagnosed with EM but my primary doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. It’s gotten way worse since being pregnant and is driving me nuts! Any tips on how to cook my feet down fast? I’ve tried I’ve but it doesn’t seem to work much..



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  • wise


    Put your feet in a bucket of cold water. Sunburn stuff is also helpful for me on my hands, feet, AND face. You could also try ice on your head/face to trick your body into thinking it's cold and pulling blood out of your extremities

    • kajunk


      I'm sending my son to a specialist out of state. No one here has helped us. I am reading that mexalatile and lidocaine infusions have healed EM as long as the heart can tolerate the Lidocaine and Mexalatile

    • HisWillNotMine


      ice is high advised against. While it's very tempting, it can cause rebound flares and further nerve damage. Bob's Protocol has helped many people. I take a beta blocker which has helped my face flares quite a bit (but not much with my feet)

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