Anybody have experience with sinus migraine aka migraine masquerading as sinus infection? How to you talk to docs about this? How do you pursue treatment.

I have a long long history of "sinus infections" but I've long suspected it may be migraine, especially after several CT scans of swollen but not clogged sinuses.

In 2020 I decided to have deviated septum surgery, though I was nervous because I knew there was a chance I was barking up the wrong tree. I ultimately did it bc I had a spur sticking into one of my turbinates which I figured could be causing radiating pain and I figured fixing structural abnormalities and shrinking tissues wouldn't hurt.

Well.... I'm back where I started. Unrelenting congestion, pressure, sinus rinses coming out clear.

Went to the doctor today and was prescribed antibiotics yet again. I'm considering trying to treat my symptoms as migraine for a day first before doing antibiotics.

Obviously can't ask for advice on my personal situation here, but any stories with relevant info would be appreciated.

I found this article to be very helpful: https://researchoutreach.org/articles/sinus-migraine-costly-blindspot-medical-care/?amp=1

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  • TruckerGurl


    So, it was suggested to me by a friend with chronic sinus migraines to take an imitrex with an antihistamine and 2advil liquid gels and 2 rapid relief Tylenol. I gave it a shot and it worked. But I did call and ask my Dr before doing it so I didn't over-medicate. She said there should be no issue in my case

  • faerywyrm


    Migraines can strike at the upper sinuses, and they usually radiate towards other areas of the head like the base of the skull. I would caution against too many antibiotics because you don't want to get thrush. I don't have my Migraines in my sinuses, but I take rizatriptan for bad Migraines. I would take my concerns to a Dr or neurologist.

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