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Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

Generalized pain

Chronic Abdominal Distention


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  • Careabear


    I have diabetic gastroparesis and extreme anxiety that I am going to eat wrong and cause myself to get sick. I don’t know what your symptoms are but I might understand.

  • Olya_Heidi


    Hey Carebear! I don’t think my gastroparesis is a diabetic one. But I feel everyone’s pain here as I have been suffering for many years - alone. Family does not understand this problem. Do you happen to have a bad breath and coated tongue? If so, what has work for you? What calms your symptoms? What kind of foods or liquids? I found it helpful to drink hot tea in the morning “Bigelow benefits Ginger and Peach” herbal tea for those who love a calm stomach everyday

  • Careabear


    I have been taking Reglan as needed. I haven’t really found much that calms my symptoms. Sticking with protein shakes, yogurts, applesauce and one meal a day has helped me some. I also drink hot tea. I need to try that one. I have not paid attention to my tongue but I will. My family also does not understand. They get angry and worried when I have a flare up. They feel like I don’t take care of myself. But my diabetes is under control and I try my best not to flare my gastroparesis. But as you know it is not easy.

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