for anyone who has depression and adhd and has started medication for adhd:
Did it help depression symptoms as well?
I (20, f) just saw a new doctor who officially diagnosed me and prescribed adderall and I’ve heard that it can lessen depression symptoms (as adhd tends to amplify them)… and I just wanted to know if that’s a thing .

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  • seashell_


    Hi! I have depression & adhd as well. I take adderall and I’m on antidepressants during the winter. I found that antidepressants help my adderall come down more. When I’m not on my antidepressants, my adderall crash is unbearable. But this is just my experience!

  • ivylee


    each person is different, but knowing the source of your depression is helpful just by itself. when i got diagnosed w adhd after high school, i figured out a lot of my anxiety and depression came from having undiagnosed adhd. learning how to cope w adhd (meds or no meds) has improved my mental health over all, though emotional dysregulation is still an issue for me. i can go from happy to numb to sobbing within a couple hours, especially if i watch something emotionally triggering or feel rejected by somebody. being on adhd meds makes my anxiety worse and doesn't noticeably improve my depression more than my antidepressants already do/don't, but understanding more about how my brain works and why has made living a little easier. being able to give yourself a break and feel less shame about your perceived flaws because they're caused by your adhd is a great help mentally.

  • kodigoldie


    In my experience with adderall I need to be on an antidepressant with it, otherwise coming down from adderall is unbearable. So far though this combination has been really effective for me

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