New to this platform, definitely don't have all of our conditions up. All are medically recognized, not all are DXed.

Currently struggling the most with psychosis, derealization, and chronic pain/fatigue.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Chronic Generalized pain

Chronic Pain

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  • Renaissance


    On top of OSDD1-b, ofc. (it's listed as DID on the thing bc they didn't have OSDD :/)

  • vice2410


    I feel you...we were struggling with derealization just the other day....I did a bad coping skill to pull me out of it...but it's been worse since the new split happened...I'm sure if you ground yourself that should help with the derealization and for the pain maybe try a anti inflammatory...those tend to help us with our chronic pain....I hope this helps ^-^

  • TheCatz


    Fellow OSDD-1b system also using DID as a placeholder

  • vice2410


    No we have DID. But I get the whole derealization that's hard

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