Hey, I’m mico, I’m turning 18 in 3 months and I want to ask you how you deal with people that give you a hard time, given you have personal history with them

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  • Lysinassi


    Hi Mico! I feel it depends on the relationship. If I have a personal history with them, but we aren’t “friends”, then I would either ask them about it, or ignore them giving me a rough time. However, If my close friend would give me a difficult time, I would feel hurt and most likely distance myself a little until I was composed enough to discuss what happened with them. That would include telling them how it hurt me, why it hurt me and made me feel that way, and how I hope we can both be more conscious about it moving on.

  • baconeggcheese


    depends on if you want to continue to have a relationship w them. if you do you’ll have to make some boundaries and communicate that their behavior is bothering you. if you’d like to move on you could ghost or at the very least create some space between you and them. if it’s someone you can’t really get away from easily such as a family member but you don’t really want to engage with them i usually do something called “gray rocking” which is when you don’t really add to the conversation you just say whatever you can to end the conversation without volunteering any information.

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