My doctor prescribed me an anti-anxiety med to try last week. I haven’t started taking it yet, partly due to my bad memory. I was going to start it today, but he mentioned that one of the common symptoms was fatigue and I should only take it after work in the evenings until I figure how it affects me. I didn’t work today, so it was going to be perfect. However, I was just exhausted today, don’t know why, so I still haven’t tried this medication, but I have an appointment on the 23rd to check in on how I’m doing with it 🤦‍♀️

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  • kiro


    i have trouble with that as well. i hated taking new medication solely bc of all the side effects, and my bad memory. it's best to give it a try when you remember it, set an alarm if you have to, and note down anything you feel that's happening after you took it.

  • rj.crow


    I have alarms at 4 different times every day for all of my meds and it’s the only way I can remember to take them. It definitely helps! Also for meds that tend to make you tired, I take them about 30 minutes to an hour before bed. That way I can sleep off most or all of the tiredness and be up in time for work. Eating with them may also help with side effects for some meds

  • Hannah_6


    Zoloft helps me. I take two pills or supposed to. I'm better about my first pill since I'm reminded at work and have food. The second one normally gets forgotten about. Tired and dizzy are two of my listed side effects ,so I normally avoid that last pill if I can help it. I have noticed it helps me sleep.

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