I had covid in 2020, and have had on and off symptoms. Lately I've been having myoclonic jerks when trying to sleep at minimum 3 up to 12 before I can get sleep, every time I go to sleep. anyone else experiencing this? I didn't precovid and they seem to have increased in the last few months.



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  • Monie30


    How long after did you experience these symptoms

    • Indigo_Dreams


      so I noticed them a little bit after I had covid but at the time I was dealing with post covid myocarditis and had to wear an external defibrillator. But in the last few weeks, they have increased significantly. I emailed her office so we will see what she says.

  • Nebhuskergal


    I would talk to your doctor for sure, I get this and tremors I had Covid march 2020

    • Indigo_Dreams


      I had increased essential tremors after covid and had the pleasure of an EMG and skin biopsy to test small nerve bundles all came back normal.

  • Jessalyn


    I have these. Currently under evaluation for seizures and they told me it’s likely i have temporal lobe epilepsy now .. id talk to your doc!!

  • Indigo_Dreams


    I had an EEG in the summer and it was normal. My neurologist wanted to do the one that you wear for 4 days but my insurance has yet to approve it.

  • HopeWarrior


    I had that a lot in 2020 early 2021 then I got used to my cpap - for new sleep apnea which I think flipped to central sleep apnea. They happen but very rarely but dam they are annoying!! I get really bad tremors .. I started amandatine and it really helped.

  • Beach_Girl


    I get them, but I have FNDS, and it's gotten worse since I had covid

  • Hellokitty504


    This has also happened to me

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