anyone else get this gagging feeling, or like a sudden gag reflex trigger when you're feeling anxious, I'm wondering is this trapped emotion in the body or what is it? it's really weird to experience

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  • ChickenGirl1204


    Hmm, I don't normally get that but I'll get something similar when I'm having a bad panic attack. It's moreso like I can't breathe and my chest is pressing in on itself, which then causes my breathing to struggle and trigger the gag/choke reflex. I wish I knew what it was too, but it is definitely weird and a bit annoying at times when you're trying to calm yourself and your body is like "Hehehe, GAG." You're not alone. ☺️

  • honeyful


    i wonder if it’s because the mouth can get dry during panic and it causes the throat to feel closed as well? i dont think this has happened to me specifically before, but when i have panic or anxiety sometimes my chest feels like it doesn’t inflate all the way. either way, it’s psychological and you’re alright 💕

  • Jas102


    Yes I do, but I have acid reflux

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