Hello! I have not been diagnosed with pots but I do feel it’s a possibility based on my symptoms. I’ve dealt with heart palpitations for years, random dizzy spells that almost lead to passing out and random spells of the room spinning while I’m laying down. It’s starting to get worse, my heart for the majority of the day will feel like it’s racing and I’ll have trouble breathing, extreme fatigue etc. caffeine, alcohol and salt seem to really aggravate my heart. Does this sound like pots?



Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Magpie42


    My first question would be, are you drinking enough water? Because salt actually helps with POTS symptoms. A combination of salt and fluids (non-caffenated) can help increase blood volume which will help your blood pressure up to a normal level which won't trigger the tachycardia. I would see a cardiologist asap.

    • Moongirl


      honestly not sure as I don’t really measure my water intake but it is all I drink besides decaf coffee as I used to be addicted to coffee but can’t drink it now

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