hey guys I was wondering, if you found out as an adult that you had autism, how did you come to that conclusion? I am 21 and female, and have had anxiety issues as long as I remember, but as I've began looking into it, I think it could be Asperger's. any advice?

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  • Ashyyy


    I was also diagnosed with ADD in elementary school

  • Prismatic


    Personally, I was diagnosed by a therapist after a long time working with her one-on-one and in a group. ADD/ADHD and autism have a lot in common, and often co-occur together, so it makes sense that you would see traits of the other if you've been diagnosed with one. My overall philosophy is that diagnostic labels are hard to pin down and are meant to guide treatment and help you understand what resources might help you live your best life. If I hadn't been professionally diagnosed, I think my biggest clue was that some of my behaviors only made sense if I was autistic. Especially things related to sensory processing (I have the spatial skills of a clam) I've also seen multiple situations where a group of neurodivergent people will know that an undiagnosed friend is autistic before they do 😆

    • Ashyyy


      thank you so much!

  • Blackmagicmage


    I was 13 when I finally got my diagnosis. I had been screened when I was younger but the doctor I had was a prick. I got into a different one and I got the diagnosis. I use to have aggression episodes resulting in Non-Verbal tendencies (ex: Growling, Biting, Clawing, etc) but I had autism based 504 plan with an IEP in my youth to keep me at bay. It took a long time for people to find the answer. But peg your doctor to listen, if they don't, go to a therapist for the anxiety and bring it up during a session. I had gone for ADHD and my mom brought it up

  • Tjx123


    Aspergers actually hasn’t been a diagnosis since like 2013 or something its all just one big spectrum

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