Hi there! I would love to hear about your transition journey and how it's affected you, and what you're doing to help yourself with it- meditation, yoga, supplements, etc.

Gender Dysphoria


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  • Lego22


    I haven’t started it yet, not formally at least. I still can’t find the power to do so 😔

  • freshlydeliveredpal


    Hi friend! I’ve re-started my transition this year, and I’m really excited about it. I originally came out in 2016 when I was in high school, but after trying so hard and not being affirmed, I went back into the closet because it hurt too much. I’ve noticed that having solidity in my identity helps with the misgendering around me. I can hear them using the incorrect pronouns, but I have my transition gear that gives me internal joy. It’s like a little secret that I have, an “I know something you don’t 😏” feeling. Get that gear, if you can! Packers or tucking tape or a breast plate or a binder - whatever you’d want to try! I’ve also been looking into the medical aspect of things: what method of hormone therapy sounds interesting, what surgeries I want and what surgeries I don’t. I also try to do a page or a coloring from “The Trans Self-Care Workbook” by Theo Lorenz when I’m available. I don’t go in any order; I skip around to find what’s helpful to me in the moment. Music has been helpful as well; I like listening to my music on the cusp of being too loud. Also, my therapist is so solid. My weekly sessions have been so beneficial. Thanks for reading !

  • thistle


    Hey! So rn I'm still trying to figure out my exact identity, but I am still so grateful and happy with my transition. I have been on testosterone for almost 6 years. I've had too surgery, and a total hysterectomy. I don't know if I will be doing anything else medically. It has completely changed me life. I love being trans. I used to hold so much internalized transphobia and hated myself for it. It finally feels like I can live a "normal" life. Finding my local community has also helped a lot. I thrive by seeking community, listening to myself, exploring my identity. If you don't feel safe to do it in real life I'd suggest trying it out online. There are plenty of online resources to help you process and experience life. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the people around you become who they are.

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