What are your symptoms with depersonalization, disassociation, derealization ?



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  • Travis38


    For me it's just an intense feeling like I'm hovering over everyone and not really there, you know what I mean?

  • karakat


    Usually intense confusion (I'll forget where I am, what I'm doing, my sense of time disappears), my vision feels kinda blurry or "exclusively peripheral", I can't feel my body at all (can't feel myself, or my legs as I walk, or feel if I'm hungry/full or if I need to use the restroom), not knowing what I'm saying as I'm saying it, and obviously the extreme panic that comes with realizing I'm no longer in control of myself and all I can do is wait it out

    • Avaaaaa


      same thing happened to me it was just so scary

  • Td


    It’s like I’m playing VR, I’m just waiting to take the VR mask off and go back to my normal life but this is my real life. People look like paper dolls, flat Stanley lol, it’s like I’m watching someone else play a video game of my life

    • Avaaaaa


      I have this feeling to do you think it will go away soon

  • Healthymidwife


    That is sooo crazy that you mention the VR. Two days ago I bought my husband the VR and when I tried them out I told him this is what disassociation feels like.

  • Vtol


    I had always felt like my wife being in love with me felt untrue not that she didn’t love me but that she didn’t know who I was like I’m not deserving of it because my face, behavior, mood feels like a facade (if I spelled that right) like one day she’ll discover who I am and come to realize I’m not this guy she pictures in her head but that but that I’m this thing that isn’t worthy of her love idk if that’s what that means but I’m new to this I’m sorry

  • JaybirdB


    I don't feel real, the world doesn't feel real. I feel like I can't trust my eyes. I'm always tired 24/7. I don't feel in control of my Body or movements. My sense of touch is very diluted

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