When i get tired it gets harder to keep my mind out of the gutter. Any tips?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • jipperoni


    Sleepy tired or exhausted tired? Both have sorta similar solutions for me. For sleepy tired, just go to sleep. Whether it be an hour nap or anything, it’s better than nothing. If you have something to do, forget it. You’re more important than any task in front of you. If you’re exhausted tired, take a break. In your free time, rid yourself of any detrimental distractions. Sort of just free yourself from any outside stressors when you have that free time. If you have stuff to do, again, set a timer and just do something you’d rather do for an hour that gets your mind off of stuff and rid your immediate surroundings of any reminders of what needs to happen. Again, you’re more important than any of the tasks in front of you.

  • Liminal


    A thing I do is focus on a animal or pet, just watch them and see how they are

  • Polistinae


    Thanks guys. That’s good advice for when I’m doing homework or something. Unfortunately this usually happens during long classes when I need to stay focused for long periods of time. I can usually absorb all the information, but in the back of my mind I’m imagining all this crazy shit and I can’t get it to shut off if I’m either exhausted or sleepy. Maybe i just need more sleep generally?? I usually get around 7 or 8 hours

  • mistress_Tath


    If you get tired easily sometimes it helps to eat more so you have more energy and don't need to rest as much

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