I've spent months applying to jobs and it sucks, especially since employers keep ghosting me! like at least take the time to send an email after I had to drive several hours to our interview 🙃 I can't really improve my job apps or interviews like this, and a lot of them I thought I was perfect for! it's really setting off my depression

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • bakedpotato89


    I legit just went thru this for 6 months, interviews would go great they acted like I had the job then...no call smh I finally got a job at a coffee shop but I was super upset and depressed over it

  • Teardrops


    Hello!!!! I just started this long message. And then it disappeared. So here I go again. Have you experience in the field of the jobs you are applying for? Have you attempted to contact the company after the interview or written a card to say thank you for the interview? Sometimes it takes extra to make you stand out from others. Have you tried a temp agency? Or gone someplace to help polish your resume and interview skills? My mental and physical health have made working full time impossible. That was over 20 years ago I applied for disability and am able to work part time. I work in a women’s clothing store. It’s not a huge money maker. But I enjoy the environment and my coworkers are great. Plus they offer discounts on the clothes. I have multiple college degrees but the mind and body can’t do the work I went to school for…. I know it’s frustrating to apply at a lot of places and not hear back. But what about two part time jobs. At least in this area so many places have for hire signs in their windows and at the counter when you check out. Just a thought to get by with a job through the winter holiday season. I wish you the best of luck!! 👍

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