What do you guys use to treat PMDD? I use a birth control patch but I have no idea what other treatments there are.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)


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  • sageluna


    hi! i just got diagnosed with pmdd a few weeks ago. my doctor started me on a low dose of prozac (10mg) and it seems to be working well so far! it’s the best ssri for pmdd. maybe you should talk to your doctor about medicine!

  • Rylee_amber


    From what I’ve heard birth control is commonly prescribed by doctors who know nothing about the condition. Try getting your hormones checked and ask about information about antidepressants. Also see if there is a homeopathic specialist in Pmdd you can see

  • IndieCat


    Also, look into a supplement called DIM. it’s best if you can find one that is DIM+CDG. It works well for some people without the hormones.

  • Glo


    I got started on Lexapro to help treat symptoms

  • Ruthieeee


    Hey! I have nexplanon and I use Wellbutrin and Prozac. I’m currently switching to Zoloft because I’m still trying to find the perfect balance. Prozac was GREAT for my pmdd and you can start small :))) magnesium and other supplements can help if you are feeling fatigued. And chia seed water to maximize your hydration

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