How do you cope with riding the wave of suicidal thoughts/low end urges?

Suicidal ideation

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  • Elianah


    Wanna message me, I have a really amazing list!

    • loveshespoke


      Can I please message you and get in on this list, too?

  • anemone


    i vape, haha. thc is my best friend when i'm having a breakdown and 9 times out of 10 it stops the urges entirely. i am also a medical cannabis user though, and i have it in part for ptsd

  • EliotWaugh


    I tell myself that I’ll probably feel differently tomorrow and find ways to pass the time and distract myself from planning.

  • DarkMagic


    I don't know... I take the very stupid and dark path with that... I can only ask you not be as stupid as I was and continue to be

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