Hey is anybody on Citalopram? I took it 2010-2013 I don't really remember any side affects now I'm starting to get panic attacks again but I'm scared to take it. Do y'all have any side affects?


Nausea and Vomiting

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  • jackiemay


    I don't have any side effects that I've noticed ☺️

  • Beithne


    I have been on it for years. It is the only antidepressant I can take without debilitating side effects. It has been a life saver!

  • Gina1998


    I did not have any side effects and I ALWAYS get side effects! Maybe a tiiiny nauseous for the first week but it was very subtle

  • Trashlin


    Just here to say, I've only been on it for about 2 months (so very low dosage still), but I've not had any kind of negative effects.

  • Daz


    This was working well for me but now I find I have zero motivation to do anything (other than what I have to)

  • Drewsdad08


    I’ve been on it since 2010. No side effects that I can tell. Before I was on Remeron. Horrible side effects. I had suicidal thoughts and mood swings were worse than without it. That was a scary experience

  • Tatum137


    I really like it. I take my medications at night to make sure that if there’s nausea, I don’t notice, and it still has worked great for me.

  • LoveMyu


    The bottle I have says “May make you drowsy or dizzy.” But that’s about it.

  • LoveMyu


    I have not had any side effects with it at all.

  • Misty1


    Thank you all for replying makes me feel better and I will give it a try

  • MiaMama


    I didn't have any side effects when I started. Maybe some yawning and wasn't as hungry as much but nothing major.

  • SunshineJaz


    It made me drowsy and dizzy the day after taking it !

  • Beach_Bum


    I have been on it forever and haven’t had any side effects.

  • Trena


    No side effects for me! Working well so far (1 month).

  • K_meyer


    Only side effect I have from it is it KILLS my sex drive. But it's the only one that works for me. I will say tho. Don't take it if ur planning on getting pregnant or already are. It caused my daughter to have severe birth defects that took her life at 11 days old. I stopped taking it for a long time because of that but have been back on it for a year and a half because I need it and I havnt had success with any other one.

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