Has anyone had to do EMG? And how was it? And was it helpful information for your doctors?

Disturbance of skin sensation

Chronic Generalized pain

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • wise


    I did! It wasn't bad, but I did learn a lot about where the numbness is lmao. My results were deemed "normal" which did not make sense to anyone given the obvious differences in what I could physically feel, so the information was not helpful at all, but they weren't sure what else to do. There are needles involved if you're nervous about those, but you don't ever have to see them. It takes around 20 minutes including prep time and you'll be sore for a couple hours but you can just sleep it off tbh

  • UselessBagOfMeat


    Excellent to know, thank you! I’m generally good with needles, but am not looking forward to adding to my soreness, even for a little while.

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