Does anyone else have issues with family members/friends not understanding your condition therefore they don't take it seriously? Take your pain seriously?

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  • Angela82


    ✋ But I have my mom whom also has fibro she can relate so I only try to talk to her about medical issues My husband thinks it's nothing major I'll live

  • A.Lena22


    Always. I've learned to put boundaries up with certain people. Some people get to know when I'm at my worst and some get a simple "I can't make it" and nothing more bc they don't deserve it. Never compromise your feelings for others, even if it feels like you're letting them down. You are the main person in your life, you matter the most. As I'm typing this, I feel this so much but I know it's easier said than done. I also have many moments of self doubt. I am thankful to have my husband who is there for me daily and a few good friends who support me.

  • KirbyWirby


    My friends usually don't understand. And if I have a bad pain day, my mother thinks I just haven't taken my LDN. She almost refuses to understand that I can be on medication and still experience pain.

  • LadyLinda


    Absolutely!!! I have just learned not to complain about being in pain (most of the time) I have had a partially torn Rotator cuff for many years and most of the time my daughter thought that I was "over exaggerating" how badly it hurt; at least until she had also torn her Rotator Cuff as well then she swore that she would never doubt how much pain I was in again even though she has.

  • Tambee


    Yes, I can't make plans because it seems my pain is ridiculous all the time. When I do make plans I tend to break them and hurt my family and friends. They don't understand most of the time. I try to explain to them or ask them to research it so they understand my condition but most don't and therefore I look inconsistent and lacking time with them. Makes me feel bad.

  • MiMicham73


    Yes I do some. But most are understanding . More so on the days they can tell I am hardly able to walk. I am still working part time like 10 hours a week in home health for my dad . But his age , illnesses are having me do more past that 10 hours . Then have to do my own house that is when family be like your house not as clean as it use to be . Or why don't you want to go shopping. And the grand kids don't understand or the parents want me to keep them more than I really feel like doing

  • LSneiderwine


    Yes. I even had the doctor explain to my husband that the fibromyalgia is real and that I'm not just a lazy complainer! My mom was my only advocate! She passed away and now I feel like I have no one on my side.

    • coffeemama


      I'm so sorry. 😔

  • AwesomeRed


    Well I have fibo and so does my aunt. My mom has RA and fibo. So pain is an everyday conversation

  • CoffeeAndDogs


    Always. I've been diagnosed for over 10 years now. I've learned to make myself a priority and do what is best for me. Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind. At the end of the day IDGAF what anyone else thinks blood or not. Also love your username ❤️

  • VJay


    Oh do I ever! It seems my family is taking my pain more seriously now that I have an official diagnosis, but Ive been gaslit for years by my family, coworkers, doctors etc... Just glad to have gotten a doctor that finally believes me.

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