Does anyone else find it hard to lay down (specifically on your stomach) or just switch positions? And if you do so too fast your heart starts pounding and it's really hard to breathe? Sometimes if I sit back up I'm fine but sometimes I still have a hard time. I don't know anyone else personally with POTS so I feel very alone in my experiences 😅

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Switching positions is awful for me. Personally sitting up is still symptomatic and I calm my heart by lying down. I definitely get the pounding heart and hard to breathe

  • sam_023


    Hi! I do. I believe it is a common characteristic of POTS. You may notice it at different times and sometimes can pinpoint the cause. For example if my midodrine is wearing off, dehydrated, needing to eat, early morning/late at night, stressed, flares, and weather changes. That's a few things that I can pinpoint as a cause for it. It is hard and unfortunate. POTS can be isolating because it is not commonly known and is "invisible", I'm glad there's this app to connect.

  • Chrys


    Yup! Especially when waking up at night; if I roll over too quickly my heart starts pounding and it feels like the air is being forced from my lungs. Sitting up in the mornings can be pretty difficult as well.

  • Twix1991


    I used to have this as well! I think it’s related to the vagus nerve

  • Jadie


    Ive experiences presyncope just from rolling over in bed. I figured my blood volume must be really bad to experience these symptoms like this as it felt like all my blood was sloshing over. Now I drink water through the night when I wake up (which is a lot) and take salt before bed. It still happens but its so much better and less frequent. I also wake up with one of my hands nerves freaking out because there isnt enough blood in it and I have to fix it.

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