I have so much fatigue that chewing food is hard, anyone else?


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  • Rogue.x


    Babe . Time for some sleep, and do it in any method possible, conventional or not!

  • ___


    I don’t know much about thyroiditis, but if you haven’t already I would suggest talking with your doctor to see if you can do anything to help with that fatigue. I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this! <3

  • Overcomer


    Oh no. I have it where I am walking like a snail. When that happens I rest until a bit better. I declined fast at times

  • Rperry130


    Have you recently had surgery or a big medical event?

  • Chompers


    Rperry130 I haven't had surgery but i have been taking synthroid and cytomel for 5 years and gave not felt better. I have non sleepy fatigue where sleep doesnt help

  • sunshine238


    do you have high antibody levels? not sure how accurate this is but my endocrinologist told me that since my antibody levels are so high that my fatigue won’t get much better :( lately i have been seeing a nutritionist and I am on a bunch of different supplements that have been doing wonders for my fatigue! Maybe that could be an option?

  • Rperry130


    Dopamine agonists and central nervous systems stimulants are the only things that I have helped me

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