Hi everyone! I have had epilepsy for 5 years, and struggle to remember things. I didn't have it prior, does anyone else have really bad memory? I'm not sure if it's influenced by my medication, if it's just my epilepsy, or a combination.


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  • Taintedoctopus28


    I've had epilepsy for 15 years now and I've honestly forgotten a lot of that time spent. I don't doubt it, I think most have a side effect with either short term or long term memory loss 😢

  • jmr2191


    The interictal activity interferes with normal brain functioning. Background noise isn't always easy to filter out. In epilepsy, the interictal activity is the background noise that makes it more of an effort to make your memory work for you the way you want it to.

  • spacejunkie


    I am 5 years in myself now. It can be very frustrating especially for me due to I have had to have brain surgery as well. But medication doesn't help factors either. Well, certain medication. I hope things get better. I always try to do repetitive memory exercises to try and help but sometimes it doesn't always work.

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