I had 28 screws and 2 metal plates put in spine after being told my spine was about to collapse putting me in a wheel chair if not when I awoke after surgery I felt strings were tied around toes 5 years now since I have problems with foot and massive burning pains in right buttock most times I feel at the brink of helplessness any one else feel this

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  • GracefulKim


    OMG yes Yours is worse than mine though I'm 2007 I burst shattered my L2 vertebrae. They had to fuse from T12-L3. I also broke both feet and ankles. I had pulmonary embolisms go to each lung while sedated. I woke up three weeks later. They told me it's never walk again! I was hopeless, wheelchair bound and homeless. Instead of paying my rent my mom moved my stuff into storage while they took me to the OR daily. The cycles of mental expansion this kind of injury does to a person is draining in itself!! Some days it's all I could do just to breath. It's been 15 years and I still have issues with feeling like I'm in the way (in my wheelchair) and not wanting to go to new places because I'm not sure I can get around. The metal in my back started coming out on its own 6 1/2 years later, introducing infection into my spine. I had a major struggle fighting that off. Then I had a complication from that too. It's been a very rough 15 years. But I'm still working towards walking. Most days I hobble around my house ok. I have to have my wheelchair when I leave though.

  • shimshim


    I'm so sorry to hear this Yours is much more than mine Hun. I just have trouble getting around in a normal timing when I've over done it my right butt cheek burns with deep pain and also right foot flairs up keeping me from walking well. Even though I've had 2 back surgeries my spine is twisting causing other parts of body to have to compensate. I'm 60 and feel I'll never be able to catch up all that's falling behind in past 5 years Any movements I make I verbally make noise which annoys everyone ive become somewhat lazy since it hurts to do much including just standing up

  • MaryC


    I have rods, screws & bone grafts from T3 to L5. Worst thing I've ever done before I broke my leg. I was told that if I didn't have surgery I would be paralyzed from the chest down. I'm still in pain & have lost mobility because of it. I know how you feel about being in the brink. In addition in allergic to the medications that help the most. That feeling sucks, it doesn't help that it is an invisible disability. Most people don't understand. I am able to get around the house ok, but use a wheelchair or electric scooter outside. Right now I'm non weight bearing on my left leg because I fell from the stairs & broke my leg. Before I broke my leg I could just barely make it up & down the stairs (we live in 2nd floor apt). 4 firemen pulled me up stairs in their chair thingy when I got home after surgery on my leg.

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