Hi! Does anyone here struggle with fatigue?



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  • jayyywayyy


    all the time!

  • Hippiemama27


    All the time

  • gothbutsoft


    Probably my most persistent symptom

  • alora


    Have you found anything that seems to help? Caffeine is bad for the anxiety, unfortunately 😥

  • moodybitch


    I wish there was something I used besides caffeine. That's the only thing that keeps me somewhat alert through the day. When I'm in an episode, my physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, show up. That combined with all the other symptoms of my depression have me down for the count. so I communicate with my mom and we work out a plan for me to rest but still be somewhat productive with her help.

  • Fairy_Frog


    I have really bad fatigue. I have to drink an energy drink almost every day ugh

  • Kuromi


    Yup 😭 always tired no matter what unfortunately

  • carrielovelylady


    So bad! Nothing makes it go away. 😥

  • SpringFormPan


    Extreme to the point I sleep 12+ hrs daily

  • kittenintheyarn


    Yep! Slowly getting better as I work through my PTSD symptoms though. Getting an antiviral has been helpful too as my immune system had the help it needs now (I am immunocompromised due to a viral infection, so this may not work for you if you don't). And getting negative influences out of my life is incredibly helpful too! You don't realize how draining they are until they aren't there.

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