(TW for possible paranoia)

I can't tell if these are psychosis related or caused from something else (if you may know what it is please tell me) but I keep getting vivid hallucinations that people can hear/see me at all times and that people can see from my perspective a lot and they're stressing me out a lot

also if you know any possible ways to cope with such things please feel free to comment them


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  • berrybear


    Yes it seems to be related to psychosis, I think antiphyscotics really helps idk if you're on them though, try and reassure yourself and try not to panic though sometimes when you panic and stuff it makes it worse (at least for me)

  • Sydari


    Omg, happy to know I'm not alone but I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. Mine comes in waves where there's another reality that my thoughts are heard and sometimes aren't MY thoughts, that my actions or others actions confirm thoughts, sometimes that I am a different person than I actually am and that I'm being watched at all times inside and out. I love writing these things down because I get to see just how unreal it is which helps me cope. Frequently repeating to myself that I am ME and I am secure, I'm alone in here and out there helps too even when I don't believe it.

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