So a month ago I broke up with my ex and his family was kinda involved and in one of my episodes I told him I was going to commit suicide but it was because of everything that was happening his family reading through my stuff (I used to live with him and them) they told my parents I wasn’t taking my meds and spilling all my business around the house and I couldn’t do anything is been like 2 weeks since I spoke to him yes I did emailed him that I missed him and that was all (his cousin died in an accident were his gf was involved and he let him pass and they were on drugs and what not she was suicidal) so they started to put pressure on me bc I shared too much about me to them and me thinking they were nice they weren’t so we broke up and his oldest sister called me today insulting me saying that if I want to kill myself I should do it I shouldn’t drag his brother on it and what not and that I’m like his cousins ex and all . All I wanted in life was someone to understand me and be patient with me like I was with them not a person who told everything private about me to his family to cause this


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