my depression is getting bad. I've lost most of my friends. I'm just a stay at home parent. I hardly leave the house. I'm never invited out. it's so lonely. I feel so alone but I can't be...there has to be someone out there like me. someone in need of a friend.


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  • Messymexi


    There's plenty of us! Feel free to join the Discord we started We will all get through this 💕

  • Rollergirl


    I had a best friend of almost 30 years and many other very close friends and family members. After my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia; I had to stop working and exercising. I became severely depressed and lost all of my friends and no one in my family understood or wanted to help me. This, on top of being in terrible pain and exhausted every day, made me suicidal. This went on for several years. I never thought that I would get any semblance of a life back; but after 10 years and a lot of hard work- my life is so much better than I ever thought that it could be again. 🙌 ❤️ 🙏 I’m still not able to work or exercise like I used to, but I have close friends, a better relationship with my sister and extended family and I finally have the pug that I have wanted for 20 years!!! I’m also in a serious relationship with a wonderful man; the man that I wish I had met 25 years ago and made a family with. I had given up on any type of romantic relationship at 49 and when I stopped looking-I found the man of my dreams. I hope that this is helpful in some way… if you have any questions, please feel free to message me. My ex-husband has suffered from severe depression since he was a young teenager. I stopped him from committing suicide after we had broken up and he had moved to NYC. That entire situation ultimately made us get back together and ultimately we married. In my opinion, having support is probably the most important thing that helps someone who is severely depressed. I didn’t have it when I became depressed and almost killed myself a few times. Keep reaching out to people on this site and other sites. When I was going through this 12 years ago, there were not anywhere as many resources out there. As hard as it is to believe, I have come to believe that “This too shall pass.” Big hugs to you 🤗

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