Any nausea tips? I’m stopping my medication, was on Elavil 20 mg. It’s the only thing that ever helped me but it made me too depressed since it’s an anti depressant.

Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

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  • elaina


    have you tried zofran? are you open to trying cannabis, it does help..? :) other than that hot showers has really helped me alot

  • Samirielle


    @elaina I’m not sure what medication I’ll be on next it’s up to my doctor but I do smoke :) smoking helps a lot but I have school and work so it’s not good for when I have things to do during the day. I’m trying to find some gentle more natural things just to take the edge off a little during the day

  • Ej97


    Eating small frequent meals help me. On bad days, staying away from dairy and anything harsher on my stomach helps. I have also found that drinking a little apple juice is beneficial.

  • KawaiiHawaii


    Hi have you tried natural popsicles when you don’t feel like eating a meal?

  • PunkBoi


    ginger root every morning helps me a lot with managing my nausea. highly recommend.

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